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When you searching for a counselor, you probably want someone who is a ‘good match’. A good match is not only someone who is a good listener but someone who will encourage you to work through your issues at your own pace.

My model for counseling others is the one I would want used with me. I use a problem solving,  solution oriented approach that gets to the core issues. I will give you ideas to consider that you might not have otherwise thought about so that you can pick the solution that best fits you-, your personality and life.

Our goal together is to help you figure out your own best answers.

Some people come in for just 1 or 2 sessions; Others like to visit longer until such time as they feel they have reached a resolution; Still others get the results for one of life’s challenges and come back years later when they encounter something else they want help with- could be for another perspective, some fresh ideas to try or just validation they are on the right track.

But for whatever reason you are seeking counsel, refer to the list to your right and see if you see yourself in any of those places at this point in your life. If you do, feel free to call me and let’s talk to see if we have a match.

To set up an appointment with Kristan, contact or call 530-879-9126.



Kristan Leatherman, MS

Consulting with  individuals, couples and children since 1988.

Masters in Counseling University of Phoenix, Specializing in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy

Certified Parent/Teacher Workshop Instructor





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How Often Do I Need to Go to Counseling?

Sometimes people think that they need to go to counseling FOREVER. With the proactive approach i use however, oftentimes just one or two visits is all that is needed to address an issue. I like to visit your past only as it informs the present or may affect the future. Other times, ongoing sessions are important to delve into issues of a more chronic or complex nature.

Give yourself the kind of confidence and capability that will help you get beyond life’s inevitable challenges.

If our minds are not healthy, it makes sense that it is more difficult for our bodies to stay healthy.

Dr.Patrick (see reference to the right) and I team up to help you understand how the body /mind connection may be part of the solution to resolving  mental AND physical challenges.

For more information about how the counseling services I offer dovetail with Dr. Patrick’s work, call  me at 530-899-8741


Relationships - Difficulties with work, home, family and friends. Communications issues, co-parenting, financial conflicts, lifestyle and values differences with spouse and other significants.

Grief/Letting Go - Overcoming a loss of a loved one, a dream, career expectations, childhood losses.

Self Crisis- Mid-life issues, self confidence, codependence, finances, life skills, career or other major life changes

Changing Poor Habits- Breaking unhealthy body/mind patterns, replacing ineffective habits and mind patterns, motivation and tools to increase successful outcomes

Stress/Time Management Tools

Got Kids?

Parent-Child - Smoother routines, Non punitive approaches, conflicts at school or with friends, family life challenges. Click Here



Do you struggle with knowing what to eat and how it will affect your moods, your bowels and your health?

If so,  you are not alone.

Knowing what to eat these days can be pretty tricky especially if you are experiencing poor digestion, gluten or other food allergies and related internal health issues.

If you are searching for a good doctor that will help you solve these types of health challenges, then you need to meet my husband, Dr. Patrick Giammarise.

Browse Dr. Patrick Giammarise’s, website.