HElp for Parents

  with Kristan


Got Kids?


  1. Things not working?

  2. Tried everything you can think of?

  3. Running out of patience with your kids?


If you are experiencing upset and angst with your kids, consider a private session with customized solutions designed especially for YOU!

I believe you are the expert on your child because no one knows your child better than you do.  But I am an expert at providing insight, a fresh perspective, or a new solution that you had not previously thought or tried yet.

My approach offers practical answers to many day-to-day frustrations that are only a telephone call or email away. I emphasizes a positive, respectful style of raising children that encourages sharing control, giving choices, and using a style of heart felt empathy that makes natural and logical consequences both effective and non-punitive.

Sometimes just one or two visits is all that is needed to address the issues. Other times ongoing sessions are important to delve into parent-child issues of a more chronic or complex nature.

The first session defines the problem and offers a menu of suggestions, second session is a follow up on the implementation or problems using the suggestions, and any future sessions are designed to support making the plan and successful solutions a habit.

Give your children the kind of confidence and capability that will prepare them for their future.To set up a private consultation with Kristan, contact or call 530-879-9126.

KRISTAN LEATHERMAN, MS has a Masters in Counseling, is a certified Teacher, Parent/Teacher workshop instructor, and family life facilitator with over 25 years experience.  Kristan offers parent/child communication and positive discipline focused sessions as well as consults with parents, their children, and teachers in order to teach life skills that prepare kids for their future.  She has a special interest in supporting youth leaders, teachers, and parents to learn the skills that are essential to developing self- reliant and responsible young people.

      She has presented training workshops for parents and teachers nationally as well as locally including California State University, Chico, The Community College Foundation in California, Butte College, and to a variety of other schools, community service organizations, and agencies in Northern California. She has also served as an adjunct faculty member for several institutions including the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York and nationally known Chapman University.


Kristan Leatherman, MS

Consulting with families, couples and children since 1988.

Masters in Counseling University of Phoenix, Specializing in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy

Certified Parent/Teacher Workshop Instructor





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